Fostering a Dog Brings Them Closer to Their Forever Home

Fostering a Dog Brings Them Closer to Their Forever Home

Fostering a dog is one of the most worthwhile things we have done for animals.

There are many dogs that are abandoned by their owners. We work with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and are heartbroken to see the number of pets they have rescued that are in their kennel week in and week out.

Ollie is our Pyrenees/border collie mix that was rescued from a horrible hoarding situation. This is all too common. Originally we set out to foster her until she had recovered from heart-worm and knee surgery. We failed as our foster situation quickly turned into adoption.

We think that if you have the room and space you too should foster a dog. There are so many beautiful animals waiting to find their forever home. Foster families are the quickest way for these dogs to get adopted.

These are some reasons that you should consider fostering a dog.

Dog Shelters Are Maxed Out

If you foster one dog, that frees up space for another dog in the rescue kennel. There are numerous rescue kennels around the country and likely the world. The problem is they are all likely filled to capacity. They are desperate to get their dogs into qualified foster families.

If you have ever been into a rescue kennel you would be heartbroken to see all the wonderful dogs forced to wait out their existence in a dog crate. Row upon row of dogs are taken care of. The rescue kennel do an amazing job but getting these dogs into foster families is ideal.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue has numerous volunteers to help. If you have to put out a call to come take the dogs out for a walk on the weekends around the kennel yard then you knw you have too many dogs waiting to be put in a foster home or adopted. We have to get these dogs into homes.

The Dog is More Likely to Be Adopted

A dog that has been placed into a foster home is far more likely to get adopted. More times than not the foster family will end up adopting the dog. You simply have a difficult time letting go once you get attached. That is a good thing.

Fostering a dog helps potential adopters see the dog at their best. You are the dog’s best advocate and will be telling all your friends about him. Word of mouth from a good experience could help not only get your dog adopted but also intrigue your friends in getting a foster dog. Everybody loves a dog. Your neighbors will be naturally curious about your new dog and ask questions. Another great opportunity to talk about how great the experience is a fostering a dog.

Emotional and Physical Health of the Dog

Once the dog gets out of the kennel, the chances of him going back is greatly reduced. This is good for the dog’s health. Kennels are amazing places and the workers who rescue these animals do great jobs. But dogs need to be out of there as quickly as they can. Their emotional and physical health become much improved when placed in a foster home.

If you have ever volunteered at a rescue you know how excited dogs get when they are let out of the crate. Putting them back in is heartbreaking. You only have so much time with each dog. They really want to play and have a friend.

Fostering a Dog Costs Little But Time

Fostering a dog typically does not cost you more than the food you feed them. The foster family is not responsible for the medical bills. We fostered a hospice dog that had 6 months to live due to liver failure.

It was a joy getting to be with her in her final months and days. We were incredibly sad to see her go but we knew had given a dog that had a difficult life a loving home for as long as we could.

Maggie’s hospice bills were expensive but all we had to do was give her love.

Dog Foster Fail is Real

More times than you might realize foster families end up failing in their duties. They become “foster fails” meaning they cannot say goodbye to the dog. They are the adopting family.

We have fostered a number of dogs in the last two years. We kept a couple for a few months until they were adopted. The aforementioned hospice dog stayed with us until we had to say our final goodbye. And we have foster failed three times.

The only thing about foster failing is you might not have any more room to foster another dog. Rescue kennels love having dogs adopted but they also need them put in a foster home. If the foster home becomes an adoptive home then that might keep kennel dogs from being with a potential family.

Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding things we have done. We donate our time to the rescue agency and have fostered numerous dogs. Our adoption donations go toward helping even more dogs. I hope more people can give of their time because these dogs are so sweet. They need a foster, and ultimately an adoption home.

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