My Fluffy Tail Dogs: A Story of Foster Fails

My Fluffy Tail Dogs: A Story of Foster Fails

This is the story of my fluffy tail dogs. We have been fostering dogs for the last couple of years.

I cannot think of anything better to do for dogs. Even if you do not want to adopt a dog, taking the time to foster a dog can be very rewarding.

Unfortunately our forever dog, Annabelle died after a great life. We adopted her in 2006 a little over a year old and she lived for 12 more years. She was a goldendoodle and the sweetest dog ever.

We got involved with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and we decided to foster a couple of dogs. The first was Ollie. She is a Pyrenees mixed with who knows what. We added Maggie who was a golden mix.

Ollie the Pyrenees Border Collie Mix

Ollie came to us with heart-worm. She also had to have surgery on one of her knees. She came from a  hoarding case in Oklahoma. We have kept her ever since. She became our first foster fail and we became her adoptive family. Ollie is a very sweet dog and there was no way I was going to let anybody else take her.

Sweet Maggie

Maggie was a sweet dog. She came to us a hospice dog. She was dying from kidney failure. We knew we only had a 6 months or so with her but we made her life as special as we could. The second worst day ever, after taking Annabelle, was to the vet for her last breathe. She was such an incredibly sweet dog. At the end she just wouldn’t eat or even stand.

Hattie the Big Scared Dog

Our next foster was a big black border collie mix called Hattie. She was a terrified pup. She came into our home and found a corner and hardly ever left it.

We managed to get her outside to do her business but when she was done she ran quickly back in the house. Even when we got her on the leash walking she would literally drag you behind to get back inside.

We had to keep her her kennel at night. She was finally adopted by a lady in Minnesota. Hattie got a name change and began living her best life in the woods.

Mazie the Youngest Foster Dog

Mazie came to us soon after. She is a little German Shepard mix. Surgery was required on her rear legs. The doggo recovered incredibly quick and was soon ripping around the yard. She’s only 2 years old or so. She came from a horror story. A hoard of dogs that lived underneath a haunted house. These dogs were tortured by coyotes.

Floki Our Male Dog

Soon after Mazie we fostered Floki. Floki, our only male dog, is another German Shepard mix. He’s a big ol’ scardy dog. Unfortunately he has been traumatized by coyotes. Sudden noises freaks him out. He’s got the funniest grinchy feet you’ve ever seen. He and Floki get a long really good and enjoy wrestling in the yard, particularly after we walk then after their supper.

We decided to adopt both Mazie and Floki. We can’t help ourselves. No more for us. We can’t afford the adoption fees or have the room for another one.

But we are sure glad we decided to be a foster family for these dogs.

We love these dogs.

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